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Youthforia shone on TikTok organically, but their journey with paid ads didn't work. Their former media partners seemed to have a narrow view, fixated on just churning out ads without a broader vision, causing a financial drain. With Black Friday looming, turning around Q4 was essential. And there was this pressing challenge: How do we shift the narrative and get consumers engaged with makeup ingredients in an industry that's often sidestepped the issue? For Youthforia, dreams of new products and retail collaborations hung in the balance, hinging on their ability to scale without denting profitability.


As Black Friday loomed large, there was no time to waste. We tackled technical glitches head-on and swiftly rolled out new ads, anchored by our iterative testing strategy. Over the next few months, we revamped the ad infrastructure and dove deep into analytics-driven testing to sharpen our messaging and strategy. Partnering with Youthforia, we spearheaded a website redesign to boost conversions, while continuously A/B testing product pages to pinpoint the optimal format. And as Youthforia started making waves, we cast a wider net, intensifying efforts on high-performing channels, venturing into fresh territories, and backing Youthforia's introduction of groundbreaking products.


Since 2021, the results have been nothing short of impressive: paid DTC revenue skyrocketed by 1015%, while the CPA took a significant 61% dive. Recognized as one of the trailblazers in makeup, Youthforia's influence in the beauty realm is undeniable. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them during their triumphant Shark Tank appearance (yes, we did those snazzy backdrops!) and cheered their collaboration with Mark Cuban. With a grand retail foray into Ulta & Credo Beauty outlets across the country, we're thrilled to journey alongside Youthforia as they set new standards for clean makeup.

Photo of a woman smiling and holding a Youthforia BYO Blush product with white text on top that says "Sold out in Ulta in 2 hours"
Youthforia founder Fiona Co Chan holding the product smiling with a bright green badge that says "As seen on Shark Tank"

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“We love working with the MVR team! They’ve been great collaborative partners as we’ve been growing our business.”

Fiona Co Chan

CEO + Founder


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