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Before inception, Blu Atlas came to MVR to evaluate whether the men’s skincare market was a viable vertical to target. We saw a high saturation in the market with many brands running at a loss with first-purchase acquisition, but, we saw an opportunity in the affordable luxury space, especially for a product with clean ingredients. How do we build a premium men’s skincare brand, profitably, for a demographic that historically does not purchase skincare products? 


We took an omni-digital approach to grow the business on all fronts, splitting efforts between their in-house team and MVR Digital. The Blu Atlas team focused on organic search and affiliate growth, while MVR focused on all paid acquisition channels. We used our iterative testing framework to measure different message and creative angles, while supporting organic growth through targeted long-tail non-brand search terms. In addition, once we achieved robust placements across various publications, we introduced a native strategy to further test relevant message angles and further sell on articles we’re already featured in. 


The MVR Digital team helped strategize, test, iterate, and grow the brand from $0 revenue to near 7 figure monthly revenue within 17 months, ultimately leading the brand to acquisition at an 8 figure valuation. In addition, we tested over 4100 ad variations, targeting unique audience niches to more effectively convert consumers.

Men's skincare product ad that says "90% of our test subjects reported that their skin radiance improved".

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