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A modern facelift across Crain’s brands


The Crain brands, having already successfully modernized their websites, were seeking to align their email communications to the same updated standard. While the websites had been given a contemporary touch, the emails needed a similar refresh to achieve cohesive branding and to maximize engagement with their vast customer base. Recognizing the intricacies of such an undertaking, the Crain team sought expertise from outside their in-house resources.


MVR jumped into action, coordinating with Crain's leadership to establish objectives and identify potential metrics enhancements. With our comprehensive knowledge in email marketing, we meticulously crafted over 95 modernized emails for 11 distinct Crain brands. These refreshed designs were not only brand-consistent but also focused on driving conversions. To ensure we were on the right track, a series of A/B tests were implemented, gathering insights on user preferences.


Our emails, apart from being sleek and mobile-responsive, yielded substantial improvements: Open rates improved by 37%, and click rates boosted by 19%. Concurrently, our redesigned ads and social media assets for Crain generated a significant 62% rise in overall engagement.

Screenshot of a transactional email design that says "Your Credit Card Expires Soon"

“The Corporate Marketing Creative and Retention teams are thrilled with our partnership with MVR. Together, we’ve redesigned several automated email series across eleven brands. We’ve also tasked MVR with net new creative for our engagement series. We look forward to our continued collaboration!”

Photo of Alyssa Peck, Design Direction of Crain Communications

Alyssa Peck

Design Director


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