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Improvement in Data Attribution


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Designing a robust data-collection strategy


Alo was grappling with an outdated tracking setup, compounded by many hands tweaking settings. This led to unreliable data, along with a difficulty to distinguish between website and app purchases. Despite knowing that transitioning to GA4 would offer clearer insights, the team's past experience with another agency made them wary. The attempt to switch had become a quagmire, stalling their progress.


Recognizing Alo's complex setup, we prioritized two main objectives: Firstly, using the measurement protocol, we streamlined accurate sales data across both app and web, and harmonized metrics across payment processors. Secondly, we implemented enhanced data tracking, offering the marketing team insights into user interactions and high-performing PLP placements.


The outcomes were significant: an 80% boost in marketing data attribution, full centralization of marketing scripts, a 50% increase in data points tracked, and 30% faster data analysis.

"MVR has been an integral part of correcting our complex data collection needs which allowed us to not only trust our data, but enable us to better understand user behavior to make more actionable decisions."

Maya Kumits

Senior Director of Engineering


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